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Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint

Now you can order Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint from Vintage Bliss Boutique!

First choose your paint color $22.95 each

Then choose your.... 

  • Milk Paint Bonding Agent - $13
  • Hemp Oil - $13
  • Antiquing Wax - $14
  • Wax Puck - $8.95
  • White Wax - $16
  • Furniture Wax - $26
  • Set of 12 sample packets, 1 of each Milk Paint - $75
  • Inspired You by Marian Parsons, Miss Mustard Seed - $25
  • Mini Frother (Mixer) - $7
  • 2" Paint Brush - $6
  • Chip Brush (2" or 3") - $1.95 
  • Sanding Block - $2.50
  • Buffing Sponge - $1.50 

How do you mix it up?

Mix 1 ½ parts warm water to 1 part milk paint powder (or 1 ¼ to 1 ratio with lighter colors.) Paint may be mixed in a blender (used strictly for paint) or in a container with a stir stick. If using a blender, pour water in first and then add the powder. For hand mixing, measure the powder first and then add water. Mix for 3-5 minutes until water is absorbed into the powder and the mixture is relatively smooth. Water to powder ratio may be adjusted to achieve desired consistency. If the full quart is needed, mix 2 ½ cups of water with entire bag of milk paint powder.With a quality brush, apply 1-2 coats of milk paint, stirring occasionally. Allow 30-60 minutes between coats. Finish with Miss Mustard Seed’s Furniture Wax or Hemp Oil Wood Finish.

Some instructional videos:

Once you have made your selections just give us a call at 410.465.5117 or email us at and we will get your order right out to you!

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