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Robyn Hess

Morgantown, WV, United States

Diane Manger

Catonsville, MD, United States

Kathleen Vella

Annapolis, MD, United States

Sara Hollands

Westminster, MD, United States

Sarah Daniels

Towson, MD, United States

Kristin Caye Hennig

Pasadena, MD, United States

Sarah willey

Ellicott City, MD, United States

Lindsey Currence

Glen Burnie, MD, United States

cathy pfeiffer

Lewiston, ID, United States

kayla davis

Cleveland, OH, United States

Alexis Niemann

Pasadena, MD, United States

Karen Merhige

Catonsville, MD, United States

Elma Nolen

Lowlands, Australia

Kristen Strain

Catonsville, MD, United States

kait hilton

Beltsville, MD, United States

Krista Ennis

Catonsville, MD, United States

Anike Robinson

Silver Spring, MD, United States

Jackie Forbes

Curtis Bay, MD, United States

Sylvia Sebring

Hollister, CA, United States

Rachel Frazier

Arnold, MD, United States

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Our Location: Chartreuse & Co. 4007 Buckeystown Pike, Frederick, MD 21704

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Bliss and Tell

"This is the absolutely best shop ever. There is nothing else like it."

"We come to Maryland twice a year, and Vintage Bliss is always our first stop."

"Oh my gosh; I'm not even all the way in the shop yet and I'm in love." Mary

"I call this shop 'my happy place.'" Susan

"This place is perfect! Theres not one thing I've seen that I don't LOVE." Stacey

"I'll take one of everything." Kristen

"This is my new favorite store." Christy

"I love coming in here. It's my favorite store. It always puts me in such a good mood just to be here." Ann Marie

"When you walk into this store its like happiness." Lauren

"I've never loved a store this much." Cathy

"This shop draws you in and holds you." Samantha

"I don't come to Ellicott City often, but when I do I make a bee line for your store." Martha

"I want to live here." Yolanda

"You should charge a museum admission just to come in here." Valerie

"This is where I want to live." Colleen

"Don't ever leave or close because I won't know what to do with myself; ill be lost." Mindy

"Just put a bow on the whole store and then I'll be good." Vicky



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